11 Awesome People to Follow if You’re Learning Languages

Are you learning languages and looking for motivation, inspiration, and do you want to be connected with more people who are learning the same language?

Do you want to know practical techniques to learn languages more easily?

Or are you just looking for people to follow who are also learning languages?

If you can answer at least one of those questions with yes, you’re at the right place. In this blog post, I’ll share 11 awesome people to follow if you’re learning languages. I could name more awesome people but the ones I mention in this post have inspired the most me during my language learning journey.

11 awesome people to follow if you're learning languages. Visit my blog to read about them and get inspired!

1. Benny Lewis (from Fluent in three Months)

People you to follow if you're learning languages - Benny from FI3M

If you’re doing anything related to languages, you must know Benny Lewis. He the author of the well-known language hacking series.

In his books, he teaches how you can learn to speak a language in a short time by showing you practical techniques to remember vocabulary and helping you focus on the most important aspects.

On his blog, you can find useful tips, learning techniques, and strategies written by himself, language learners, polyglots, teachers, and learning experts. He also has a YouTube channel where he shares tips on different aspects of learning languages.

If you’re looking for practical techniques to learn your target language faster, you should definitely check out his blog and channel!

2. Katie from Joy of Languages

People you should be following if you're learning languages - Lena from Katy of Joy of Languages. Visit my blog to read more

Katie shares how easy it is to learn languages in a fun way from home. For instance, on her blog, you can read how she learned Spanish without leaving her home, how you can achieve more when you do less, and which fun activities you can incorporate into your study routine.

She also hosts the Language Diary Challenge on Instagram. Post a picture or video and say or write something about your day in the language you are learning with the hashtags #languagediarychallenge and #joyoflanguages. You can participate every day or as many days as you can. If you want to meet other language learners, you should definitely participate!
Instagram Accounts to Follow if You’re Learning Languages - Language diary challenge

3. Bryce from Finite Languages

Bryce from Finite Languages runs a blog that brings people together through language learning. It is not a blog where you can learn languages. It’s a platform where you can practice your writing and meet like-minded people. Anybody can become a guest blogger – no matter what your level is – and write blog posts in both his target language and native language to receive corrections.

Instagram accounts to follow if you are learning languages - Finite languages

Furthermore, he has a son, Atlas, who is growing up trilingual! Bryce speaks Italian to him, the mother speaks English and the babysitter speaks Russian. It’s really fun to watch his amazing progress on Instagram and see how Bryce and his wife are making this possible!

4. Kaci from Year of German

Are you thinking of raising a bilingual child and are you wondering how you can do that?

Kaci and her family live in the United States but her son goes to a German immersion school. He is growing up speaking English and German. She also writes blog posts on Medium to inspire others to learn languages.

On her Instagram page, Year Of German she shares how she is learning German and how she is raising a bilingual child. Look how well her son is doing so far! By the way, I’m really fascinated by people who are raising a bilingual or trilingual child.

5. Azren The Language Nerd

Azren is one of the most awesome people to follow if you’re learning languages! You can find him on social media and YouTube. He likes to interact with his audience and answers regularly the questions of language learners in his videos.

He is a language teacher who speaks five languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, French, and Spanish. Currently, he’s teaching himself 5 other languages and documenting his learning journey.

If you don’t know Azren yet, you should follow him for good tips on learning languages.

6. Trisha from Language Learner’s Journal

People you should be following if you're learning languages - Lena from Trisha from Language Learners Journal. Visit my blog to read more

Do you think negative thoughts and insecurity block you from making progress in learning a language?

Trisha shows how you can apply a more holistic approach to learn languages on her website Language Learners Journal. This approach includes simple mindfulness techniques, positive thinking strategies, improved productivity and time management skills. Trisha is passionate about learning new things, especially languages.


7. Kelly from Italian at Heart

Kelly is American but Italian at heart. She’s learning Italian and tries to get over her fear of speaking and making mistakes by sharing videos of herself on Instagram and YouTube. On her blog, you’ll find everything about Italy!

8. Lindsay from Lindsay Does Languages

Lindsay is one of the most awesome people to follow if you’re learning languages.

People you should be following if you're learning languages - Lindsay does Languages

I admire her for multiple reasons. She does not only share practical tips for people who’re learning any language on her website, she also helps teachers. She recently started posting a series of interesting stories about the minority languages that are spoken in the countries she visits.

9. Elena from Hitoritabi

If you’re an introvert, you should follow Elena. She’s is an introvert herself and teaches Italian and Japanese to introverts and grammar geeks. On her blog, you can find practical tips to learn these languages.

People you should be following if you're learning languages - Lena from Hitoritabi. Visit my blog to read more

10. Ikenna

Ikenna is one of the most driven, passionate, and inspirational people I’ve met. He’s a producer with a passion for languages and combines both on his YouTube channel. Currently, he’s working on a hilarious series of videos with the focus on changes in personality when switching from one language to another. Those will be published later this year.

11. Paul from Langfocus 

And last but not least, I enjoy watching the videos on the channel Langfocus. Paul doesn’t actively study languages but he likes to analyze them!

In his videos, he shows interesting and – what I call – linguistic facts about languages. For instance, in his video on the Turkish language, he shows how many people speak Turkish, how the language evolved over time, the structure of sentences, and other typical characteristics you must know if you’re learning the language.

Sometimes shows the differences and similarities between two similar languages and dialects like Mandarin and Cantonese (see video below).

Any other suggestions for the list of ’11 awesome people to follow if you’re learning languages’?

Who are you following to get inspired and tips to learn languages? Share them in the comments!


Featured image by Lauren Mancke via StockSnap

Kamila is a polyglot who taught herself over 5 languages using social media and apps. She created Polyglot’s Diary where she enjoys sharing her tips and experiences. Head over to her Instagram profile and YouTube Channel to follow her progress.

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