About me

Kamila Tekin on Polyglot's Diary

Hi there, my name is Kamila and I’m a Turk from the Netherlands. I grew up bilingual speaking both Dutch and Turkish and taught myself many other languages like English, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese. Most people know me as the polyglot who shares her progress on social media.

My goal is to inspire language learners and help them learn more efficiently. I often challenge myself to learn a language in a given period of time and then share what I’ve learned. I hope to make people realize that it isn’t necessary to say things like, “I’ve been learning language x for 3 years and I still can’t speak it very well. I don’t have the brains for learning languages.” I believe we’re all capable of the ability to learn anything we want. And the most beautiful part is that everybody has its own way to do that.

With my language learning project, I also hope to show people from other countries that I’m interested in their language and that love their culture.

What made me come up with this goal?

I’ve been surrounded by many immigrants who’ve been living in the Netherlands almost their whole lives and they still haven’t managed to speak the Dutch language.

That’s not because Dutch is a hard language to learn. It’s because they don’t know how to learn and they don’t put the effort into improving themselves. They don’t celebrate their progress and they never talk with Dutch people.

Sometimes when I see my foreign friends learning their first non-native language, I see the same thing happening. Some of them give up on learning English. Or Spanish. Or French and never want to try to learn it again. But that’s not necessary.

By showing how I’m learning languages, I hope that people won’t give up on their language learning goals.

What is a polyglot?

Officially, a polyglot is someone who has reached a high proficiency in at least four languages. It’s a word with a Greek origin. Poly means multiple and glot means tongue (language).

How I’m using my blog, YouTube Channel, Instagram page, etc.

I try to use all of those platforms altogether for my language learning project. On each of them, I can show you a different view on what I’m doing.  Make sure you follow me!

On Polyglot’s Diary, I share tips and summaries of how I learned a language and what resources I’ve used.

On YouTube, I share videos on how I’m practicing languages and try to do this in an interesting and funny way. Once in a while, I’m sharing a non-language related vlog to show you more of my personality.

On Instagram, I’m sharing some motivational and inspiration stuff for language learners and quick (update) videos that are too short for on YouTube.

On Twitter, I share my thoughts and some links to my videos and posts.

On Facebook, I don’t post often because I don’t like it but I will appreciate it if you follow me on there anyway 🙂

Do you want to know more about me?

You can read my post on Why I’ve become a polyglot and follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube to learn more about me and follow my progress!