About me

Hi there, my name is Kamila and I’m from the Netherlands. I grew up bilingual speaking both Dutch and Turkish and taught myself many other languages like English, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese. Most people know me as the polyglot who shares her progress on social media.

My goal is to inspire and motivate language learners by showing them how I learn and help them reach their language goals by using activities that fit their learning style.

Kamila Tekin / polyglots Diary

What made me come up with this goal?

There are several factors that put me in the position where I’m today. One of the main reasons is that I grew up in an environment where people didn’t believe in achieving their language goals. I’ve met many immigrants who have been living in the Netherlands but after more than 15 years of living here, still can’t speak the language.

I used to think the same way and thought that learning a foreign language was something impossible. In high school, English was one of my weakest subjects and after high school, I wasn’t even able to formulate a sentence. I wish I had someone who could prove me that it was possible to learn English and show me how to make real progress.

Therefore, I decided to become the person I wish I had met years ago.

What is Polyglot’s Diary?

Fun fact: I first started Polyglot’s Diary to improve my English. Back in 2016, I was teaching myself Spanish and thought it would be a fun idea to write posts about my approach and progress. I wanted to study a Master’s Degree and that would be in completely English so I had a lot to improve.

Officially, a polyglot is someone who has reached a high proficiency in at least four languages. It’s a word with a Greek origin. Poly means multiple and glot means tongue (language). I wasn’t officially a polyglot but I knew that someday I would be and this blog was not more than a diary where I answered some simple language-related questions of my friends.

Nowadays, Polyglot’s Diary is more than a blog for my friends. I use it to inspire everyone and describe my language goals, tips, and strategies. Every day, I learn something new about learning and every language has challenges that I try to overcome.

Learning and maintaining several languages is a challenge in itself and I’m still learning how to deal with.

The tips I describe are based on my personal language learning experience and I occasionally invite teachers and other polyglots to write guest posts.


I like to collaborate with polyglots, teachers, and start-ups. Here are some of my guest posts:

I wrote the foreword of the book How to Learn a Language in a Month from Jia Li (it’s going to be published soon)

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