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Kamila Tekin on Polyglot's Diary

Hi there, my name is Kamila. I’m not a language teacher, nor a traveler or a linguist. I’m just someone from the Netherlands who is learning languages and sharing some tips on this blog. I enjoy reading books, meeting new people, writing, and drinking coffee.

What is a polyglot?

Officially, a polyglot is someone who has reached a high proficiency in at least four languages. It’s a word with a Greek origin. Poly means multiple and glot means tongue (language). Nowadays, many people who are able to speak at least four languages call themselves a polyglot.

What languages does Kamila speak?

I grew up bilingual speaking Turkish and Dutch and later, I taught myself English, Spanish, German, French, Greek, and a little bit of Arabic and  Portuguese. I forgot some of these languages, but I speak at least 4 languages daily.

Even though I can call myself a polyglot (and most of the times I do), I see myself as someone who enjoys talking with people from different cultures.

Why does Polyglot’s Diary exist?

I grew up in a multicultural city and met immigrants who have been living in the Netherlands for several years. Some of them still haven’t managed to speak the Dutch language fluently. It gave me the impression that it was hard to learn a language. Well, that was what they said. They also mentioned that it wasn’t necessary for them. They were too shy to talk with a Dutch person or didn’t have time to practice.

All of those excuses…

It doesn’t only happen to the immigrants who are living in the Netherlands, but it happens to everybody who is learning his first non-native language. When you are learning a new language, you are leaving your comfort zone and entering a new world with people from another culture, using new words and expressions for the same things. Sometimes it’s scary.

We don’t know if people will accept us or want to help us to improve. Learning a language requires a lot of time. And many people have doubts and are not sure whether it’s possible to become fluent.

I have always wanted to show people that it isn’t impossible to master your non-native language and it doesn’t care if you make mistakes.


When I started learning Spanish, many people asked me questions on how they can learn a language. Every time when I met a practice partner, he/she asked me for advice and tips. I spend my days answering many questions and some of these questions were similar. I noticed that I could talk for hours about languages.

So I decided to make this blog to answer everyone’s question at once and to share my language learning progress.

Polyglot’s Diary is for everybody who is learning languages. I want to help you sound like a native speaker. I’m sharing tips and resources that help you learn faster and improve your pronunciation, writing, and knowledge of other cultures.

Everybody can ask me a question using the contact form or sending me a message via social media @kamilatekin.

Do you want to know more about me?

You can read my post on Why I’ve become a polyglot and follow me on Twitter and Instagram to learn more about me.

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