The Route From A to B Isn’t Always a Straight Line + #ClearTheList Language Goals June 2017

It’s crazy how our personal life affects our language learning. It feels like these days, I’m spending more time on thinking about my life than doing something productive. I don’t want to go into the details but I think it is still good to mention it. It helps me realize why I can’t achieve some of my language learning goals.

In my first ClearTheList post, I mentioned that I wanted to enroll in a study by September and I wanted to become fluent in French and German this year. However, because of my personal situation, I think it’s better if I will take a longer break and continue when I will ready. If you’re reading this, please remember that it’s not something to be worried about. I just want to live a different life than I’m living at the moment and that goal has a higher priority for me. It’s something that requires a lot of time and patience so I cannot combine it with my studies and the projects I’m working on at the moment.

Because of this situation, I think it’s also better to mainly just focus on French and Spanish this year. I will also practice some German, but my goal is not to achieve a higher level at it. I just want to become fluent even if I make some mistakes.

Reflecting on my language learning goals for May

As usual, this month, I focused on English, Spanish, and French.


For English, I wanted to learn more vocabulary to write a novel and improve my accent.

Vocabulary // I haven’t really practiced my vocabulary lists actively but I read more novels and looked up words and definitions and learned a lot this month. I added the words I learned to my list.

My list keeps growing and almost hits 1,000 words.

Accent // My American friends tell me that it isn’t necessary to improve my accent. They say they like to hear me speaking differently. So I lost my motivation for this mini-language goal. Maybe I will go for it somewhere in the future.

My first chapter // I finished two chapters of my novel and sent one of them to the members of a meetup group for writers and I’m waiting for some feedback.


For Spanish, I wanted to improve my accent and learn new words to describe things more accurately.

Vocabulary // DONE! I tried to speak with new people using the app HelloTalk. I had to introduce myself from the beginning and had many new conversations that allowed me to learn and use new words.

Book // DONE! I finished reading the book.

Accent // DONE! I made some progress with my accent in Spanish this month.

I challenged myself to improve my accent in one week. Here’s a video where I compare my accent/speaking in the beginning of the week and at the end of the week.


I did something for French this month but it feels like there’s no progress. But let’s see what I’ve done.

Grammar // DONE! I’ve written a little in French this month to apply the things I have learned in a story. I usually use the steps I also mentioned in my post How to Learn Grammar Fast and Reduce Your Mistakes?

I noticed that it’s extremely hard to write in French. Speaking is easier than writing. Sometimes I know how to pronounce words but I don’t know how to write them.

Speaking // I called some native speakers via HelloTalk, and I watched some informative videos on YouTube.

Here’s my most recent video where I’m speaking French.

Language learning goals for June

This month, I don’t have specific goals for reaching a certain level in the languages I’m working on, but I want to put some time into practicing them and hope to make a little more progress.


Reading //  I want to find a novel that I want to finish and read at least two chapters. Usually, I lose my interest in the story because sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the number of words that I don’t understand.

Suggestions are welcome 🙂

Vocabulary lists // I want to learn at least 10 new English words of my list every week

Writing // I want to write every morning for at least 30 minutes a day on paper. I want to improve my creative writing skills.


Speaking // I want to practice my pronunciation and improve my intonation. I’ll continue calling native speakers frequently and make some vlogs in Spanish.

I finally bought a new laptop so editing videos will be easier =)


J’ai déjà commencé avec mes buts pour améloirer mon français car je vais écrire mes activités en français.

Writing // Une fois par semaine, j’écrirai dans mon journal en français.

Listening // Chaque jour, je vais écouter des vidéos en français sur YouTube et je vais écouter plus fréquemment des chansons françaises avec les paroles.

Speaking // Je vais envoyer plus d’enregistrements et appeler des locuteurs natifs.

Grammar // Je regarderai les vidéos de la chaîne “Français avec Pierre” écrirai les postes de blog de Marie Noëlle de

Reading // J’ai commandé ma bande dessinée d’enfance préférée appelée “Donald Duck” en français =D. Quand il arrivera, je vais commencer à le lire.



For the change, I also want to improve my Turkish this month. Like I mentioned a while ago on my Instagram photo, it was my first language but I barely speak it. When I’m in Turkey, I speak English with my family members and friends because I do understand everything in Turkish and I can write very well but when I’m speaking I don’t remember the words and I have to look them up.

In order to improve this language, I will do the following activities in May:

Writing // Once this month, I want to write a personal letter to myself and explain the things I’m doing, the study I want to enroll in, and the projects I’m working on to my future self.

I mentioned this activity in my blog post “15 FUN Language Learning Activities.”

Calling with family members // Why not? They are living in Turkey and I have never called them. I only speak with them when I’m in Turkey. During the conversation, I have to force myself to keep talking in Turkish.


Learning German was not on my to-do list for this month but I discovered that one of my colleagues on my work is from Germany and she doesn’t speak Dutch and English well. When she is talking with me, she automatically switches to German because that is easier for her and she knows that I can understand it. So this month, I will:

Learning basic phrases for a small talk // Things I can say in return, questions I can ask in return, things I can tell about myself, etc.

Work on the pronunciation of some letters and words // Currently, accent sounds too Dutch.

How about you?

What are your language learning goals for June? Are you learning the same languages as I do?

Set your language learning goals as a part of the Clear the List Link Up hosted by Shannon Kennedy of Eurolinguiste, Lindsay Dow of Lindsay Does Languages, Angel Pretot of French Lover, and Kris Broholm of Actual Fluency

#ClearTheList is meant to set goals to learn a language each month, hosted by Lindsay ( Lindsay Does Languages), Kris Broholm (Actual Fluency), Angel Pretot (French Lover ), and Shannon Kennedy (Eurolinguiste). You can find the full description of Clear the List and how to join it, here.

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