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Dear visitors,

Thanks for visiting this website, your comments, and support.

I started Polyglot’s Diary in August 2016 and the goal I had in mind back then was different than what I have in mind nowadays. Two years ago, I wasn’t fluent in English and the only reason why I started this blog was to write in English about a topic that I find interesting: language learning.

My first posts weren’t good and I made a lot of mistakes. I often went back to my very first posts to make some adjustments. I even deleted some of my very first posts, which is a shame! I wish I hadn’t done that so that I could show you my progression!

Anyways, the fact that I once started this blog for this purpose already makes me feel proud.

Polyglot’s Diary was nothing else than just an online diary and an experiment.

I didn’t only improve my English, I also learned a bunch of other things like SEO, digital marketing, and how I can use social media. I met amazing people along the way who were doing the something similar like Elena from Hitoritabi, Kelly from ItalianatHeart, and Trisha from LanguageLearnersJournal to name a few.

In the period that I was running this blog, I couldn’t find a job and writing was the perfect activity to fill my time and kill the worries that I had in mind. After all, it opened up a whole new world full of opportunities that I can use to earn money and never fall back to that horrible situation.

I can remember that my first blog post was about 300 words long. It was about the most frequent asked questions on language learning. I spent almost 3 hours writing that! I didn’t know the meaning of a lot of words that I wanted to use. I used Google Translate, wrote and rewrote my post over and over.

Nowadays, I don’t even have to use Google Translate and I think I just spent 15 minutes (or maybe even less) to write this post.

It’s amazing.

Anyways, you can feel my proud through my words but the main message is that I’ll no longer be updating this blog. All the posts will stay online and accessible for the coming year. So if you need some tips, go and read my previous posts!

For a while, I thought it would be cool to turn ‘Polyglot’s Diary’ into ‘Polyglots’ Diary’, a place where many other polyglots are sharing their tips and strategies. But I think that wouldn’t really fit my future plans.

It’s now time to start something new.

I’m not sure if I’ll be “blogging” because nowadays there’s an overload of information on the internet. What would my website contribute to something that already exists?

I want to start something new in a way that stands out. I don’t know exactly what (yet).

But one thing is sure: I’ll continue sharing my progress and the things I learn along the way.

My new website is under construction. I may not build a blog section but every now and then, I’ll keep sending my language learning tips by e-mail.

Sign up for my mailing list to stay updated. (See below, I won’t spam, I’m too lazy and unproductive for that.)

Make sure you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube so that we stay connected.

I’ll keep my current social media accounts that I used for this blog (@polyglots_diary) and change their names into the name of my future website and post more often.

See you on the other side,

Kamila Tekin

Kamila is a polyglot who taught herself over 5 languages using social media and apps. She created Polyglot’s Diary where she enjoys sharing her tips and experiences. Head over to her Instagram profile and YouTube Channel to follow her progress.

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