15 Fun Language Learning Activities You Should Try!

Do you think learning a language is boring or are you looking for new ways to make progress? Try some fun language learning activities!

When you have fun, you’ll pick up new words faster and you’ll remember them for a longer time and make more progress without even realizing it. I always try to find language learning activities that are fun and gathered 15 of them in this post.

15 FUN language learning activities. Read them now on Polyglot's Diary.

1. Read the translation of your favorite book

Have you ever read a book in your childhood that you really enjoyed? Why not reading that again? You can find some bestsellers like the Harry Potter series in your target language.

Even when you don’t have a large vocabulary, you will automatically pick up new words since you already know what the story is about.

2. Watch your favorite movie again

This fun language learning activity is similar to the previous one. Have you ever watched a movie or series in your childhood that you enjoyed? Watch them again in your target language.

3. Look information up in your target language

Are you someone who watches a lot of tutorials on YouTube? Watch them in your target language! It’s fun.

You can try this fun language learning activity to watch makeup tutorials, to teach yourself new skills, or understand your school subjects. When I was in university, for example, I watched many tutorials in Spanish to understand programming and maths.

4. Change the language setting on your phone

When you change the language setting on your phone, every time when you look something up on Google, the search results will be shown in your target language. You will pick up some new words and discover new websites.

Fun Language Learing Activities

5. Take vocabulary and grammar quizzes

This may not sound like a fun language learning activity, but you can use it in different ways to improve yourself.

When you take vocabulary and grammar quizzes, you can see your level in a language, the explanation of your mistakes, and understand what topics you have to focus on.

For example, I’m using these quizzes to see what topics I have to focus on. Then, I practice these topics and take the quiz again after a couple of months to see my score. To get an idea, you also read my post How to Expand Your Vocabulary in English with Vocabulary Quizzes.

6. Listen to music and try to sing along

Everybody listens to music. Do you also listen to music in your target language? I do and for me, this is one of the best language learning activities. It teaches you new words, helps you improve your listening skills, and pronunciation.

7. Ask questions on forums

There are many forums in your target language. Next time you need to know something, challenge yourself and ask your questions there and try to understand the answers.

It can be a fun language learning activity because you challenge yourself to do something you’re not used to doing.

8. Follow native speakers on social media

Do you think social media is distracting you from learning a language? It doesn’t have to be when you are following native speakers. Use hashtags and look for keywords in your target language to find people who share the same interests. Some of them will follow you back if they see that you are learning their native language.

For example, if you like cats and you’re learning Spanish, you can look for #gatos and see who are tweeting about this subject.

Fun language learning activity: follow native speakers on social media. More Fun Language Learing Activities on Polyglot's Diary

9. Join challenges on social media

Another way to learn a language with fun is by joining challenges on social media. It helps you meet other language learners and keeps you motivated!

For example, you can join these challenges on Instagram:

  • #Add1challenge by Brian Kwong – this challenge helps you learn a language in 90 days. The 90th day, you’ll be able to have a conversation of 15 minutes with a native speaker.
  • #LanguageDiaryChallenge by Katy Harris from JoyOfLanguages– In this challenge, you have to share at least one word or a sentence in the language you are learning with the hashtag #languagediarychallenge on Instagram. See an example below.
  • Instagram Language Challenge (IGLC) by Lindsay Williams from LindsdayDoesLanguages – Every day, there is a topic given (a prompt). You have to share a photo or a video with a message that matches that topic in your target language.

Fun Language Learing Activities

10. Watch comedy shows

Talking about fun language learning activities, why not watching comedy shows? If you have reached an intermediate/advanced level, you can try this. It doesn’t only help you teach new words. It also helps you understand how people from that culture think.

11. Watch cartoons in your target language

Did you have a favorite cartoon when you were a child? You can watch it now on YouTube in your target language.

12. Order something from an online store

I bet you also like shopping. Why not ordering something from an online store in your target language?

For example, if you are learning French, visit a French online store to order something you need.

Note: some websites translate themselves automatically into your native language. You can change this in the settings of the website.

13. Watch cooking programs

Everybody loves food. I know you love it too. Next time when you have to cook something, watch cooking programs in your target language. I did this when I was learning Spanish. This is can be a fun language learning activity.

Fun language learning activity: watch cooking programs in your target language. More Fun Language Learing Activities on Polyglot's Diary

14. Start a blog in your target language

If you like writing, start a blog in your target language and challenge yourself to write short posts once a week. For example, you can write a story with the grammar rules you’ve learned recently or keep an online diary. It helps you track your progress and you’re more likely to remember vocabulary.

It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes. It’s about practicing and having fun! I improved my English writing skills by running this blog. And sometimes, I’m writing stories about the past to practice the past tense in French. Or about the future, to practice the future tense.

15. Write a letter to your future self

Yes, this is possible. There’s seriously a website that’s called FutureMe and allows you to write letters to the future. When you read your letter in the future, you will think, I wrote WHAT? Did I make these mistakes? Wow! It helps you realize how much you’ve improved.

Fun language learning activity: write a letter to the future. More Fun Language Learing Activities on Polyglot's Diary

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What about you?

Which fun language learning activities have you already done and which one do you want to try? Share it with me in the comments!

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