Guest Posts


I’m not accepting guest posts at this moment. Thanks for your understanding.

Do you want to share your story?

Are you a blogger, YouTuber, app developer, or someone who just likes to learn languages and do you want to share your tips and learning experiences on Polyglot’s Diary?

You can choose your own topic as long as it’s interesting and valuable for my audience, I would be happy to share it. However, if you really want to make me happy, I would say that I’m looking for teachers who can write about topics like:

  • x most common phrases in [insert here the name of the language]
  • x most common mistakes in [insert here the name of the language]
  • Tips for learning [insert here the name of the language]

And language learners who can write guest posts on:

  • How to learn [Insert here the name of a language that I haven’t learned yet]
  • How to learn [Insert here the name of a minority language that I haven’t learned yet]
  • A description of how you use a technique for learning a language (e.g. how I learn new vocabulary by listening to podcasts)


There are some guidelines for publishing your guest post on my blog. These include:

  • The post must be written in proper English
  • There must be a structure in the post e.g. ‘introduction – middle section – conclusion’
  • Link to at least two of my other posts (not required but this is something that would make me super happy)
  • If you choose to include images in your post, these must be copyright free (like those of or your own images
  • Use the keywords people are searching for. Knowledge of SEO is necessary.
  • Use at least 300 words (there’s no maximum length but make sure it doesn’t feel too long)
  • You can add tweets and embed videos in the post (optional)

I may give you some feedback on points you can improve before publishing.