How to Learn New Words in English with Vocabulary Quizzes?

There are several ways to improve your vocabulary in a foreign language. I already described some of them earlier, but this post is different. I’ll describe How to learn new words in English, especially if you are an advanced learner (or a native speaker). 

If you want to express yourself in a more accurate way and take your speech/presentation and writing to the next level, you should definitely use this technique. All you need to do is testing yourself, making a vocabulary list, and spending about 10-15 minutes a day on learning actively.

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Determine your vocabulary level

How to learn new words in English? You should know your level in English first.

The easiest way is to take a vocabulary test. Some tests show your level in English while other tests show how many words you know. Both are estimated, of course. Each test is different, so you can take all of them if you want.

Vocabulary tests for non-native speakers:

Vocabulary test for native speakers and non-native speakers with a large vocabulary:

Take a screenshot

Make sure you take a screenshot after finishing your tests and save this. you’ll need it to compare it after a while. Here’s my estimated vocabulary size. (I’m not a native speaker, by the way!)

How to learn new words in English? - Example vocabulary test

Save the words you don’t know

Save the words you didn’t know during the vocabulary tests and keep adding new words to your vocabulary list every time when you find an unknown word. You can use a flashcard app on AnkiDroid, Quizlet or create a vocabulary list on The latter is an online dictionary that explains the definitions of words in its context. It also allows you to create vocabulary lists, and play a game with these words. It’s my favorite website to learn English vocabulary.

How to learn new words in english? Use flashcards and the website

Define a learning period and make a plan

How much time do you want to spend on mastering these words? Take your time. You can spend 1 month, 3 months, or even a year, depending on the length of your list. And what is your reward when you’ve mastered these words?

I’m currently trying to learn 300 new words in English in 2 months. That’s approximately 20 words a day.

Practice every day 10-20 words

Make sure you keep practicing every day. It doesn’t have to take up a lot of time. 10-15 minutes of practice is enough because you don’t have to learn the whole list every day. Try to review 10-20 words every day until you have mastered all of them.

Wondering how you can speed up your learning process? Read my post about How to Memorize Vocabulary Fast?

Keep reading and try to use those words

During your learning period, try to recognize the words of your vocabulary list in books and videos and try to use them yourself. It allows you to get familiar with the context of the word. You can also try writing short stories with those words since we don’t use some words in everyday conversations.

Take the tests again after a while and voilà

When you finally have learned your vocabulary list entirely, take the vocabulary tests again and see how you have improved!

How to learn new words in English?

This picture is, of course, edited. I hope it will be my vocabulary size in the future.


How to learn new words in English after having mastered your first vocabulary list? Look for new words using social media, taking other tests, and reading different types of resources. Build a new vocabulary list and repeat this technique.

Let me know your approach on how to learn new words in English!

Will you use approach? Or do you have a different approach? Let me know in the comments.

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