I’m Back and I will Learn 2 New Languages in November


I’m so excited to mention that I’m back.  As I mentioned on Instagram, I took a little break from blogging and sharing my progress online. I have been busy since I have a fulltime job now. In the beginning, it was tiring (also because of some of my health issues) so I didn’t have enough energy to learn languages.

Fortunately, everything is going better now and I really missed you (yes you!) and the positive energy I get from learning languages. So I have some crazy goals for the coming month. Something I planned to do earlier but I will do now.

A Summary of My Progress of The Last Couple of Months

The last couple of months, I focused on my Spanish and Turkish. Even though I didn’t pay a lot of time and attention to these languages, I think my Spanish has improved a little more. Last summer, I met new Latin American people and a Mexican friend of mine stayed one day in Rotterdam. I spend a lot of time speaking Spanish this summer.

However, due to my health issues, I had a period that I was forgetting a lot of things. Sometimes in conversations, I experienced difficulties in remembering basic words like ‘she’, ‘but’, and ‘me’ in French. Now, my memory is recovering again, fortunately, but when it happens, I feel ashamed.

The videos below will give you an impression of my actual level in Spanish and French.

Holaaaa! My first post after a long time. Sorry for my absence. After one year of being unemployed, I finally have a full time job and that was tiring in the beginning. I had to get used to working so many hours in a week. But now I feel energetic and ready to post more often 😀 My plans for the coming months? Improving/refreshing my Spanish and French! And then, I want to try Portuguese 🤓 Leave me a comment and tell me what language you are learning at the moment! P.S. I want to thank everybody who left me messages and comments when I wasn’t here. You guys are amazing❤! P.P.S. I wanted to say ‘describir’ but it sounds like ‘escribir’ in my video. #languagediarychallenge #joyoflanguages #languagelearning #aprendiendoespañol #mesientolatina #español #spanish #learningspanish #aprenderidiomas #idiomas #polyglot #learninglanguages #backafterawhile #sorryfornotposting #busylife #fulltimejob #hobby #languagepractice #languages

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My Plans for The Coming Month

Each month, there are some languages I’m trying to improve passively and some languages that I’m learning actively.

The languages I want to improve in November are French and Spanish. I don’t have a specific goal for these languages in November, but I just want to practice them.

For French, I will plan some sessions with Azren from Azren The Language Nerd  and read un coeur simple  from interlinearbooks.com

For Spanish, I will try the platform of Espaker and have a call with my Latin American friends at least once a week.

Two new languages in one month!

I’m going to learn two new languages in November: Portuguese and Arabic. My goal is to learn the basic words and the pronunciation within two weeks. Since I have a fulltime job, I won’t have a lot of time to practice the language, which makes it challenging. My goal is to show people how much you can learn within two weeks even when you’re busy.

I don’t have resources for these languages yet but I will see how far I will get using Duolingo, Memrise, and YouTube videos. If you have any recommendations for resources, please let me know!

#ClearTheList is meant to set goals to learn a language each month, hosted by Lindsay ( Lindsay Does Languages), Kris Broholm (Actual Fluency), Angel Pretot (French Lover ), and Shannon Kennedy (Eurolinguiste). You can find the full description of Clear the List and how to join it, here.

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  • Marie Noëlle

    Oh! Portuguese! What a nice addition! I wish I had more time to properly learn that one. With your knowledge of Spanish, it will go smoothly I’m sure! Are you going for Brazilian Portuguese or European Portuguese?

    • Yes, it’s now the second week and I think it was not so hard to learn Portuguese with my knowledge of Spanish. However, the pronunciation is not so easy. I’m focusing on Brazilian Portuguese.

  • Hola Kamila! It’s so good to have you back.
    I’ve recently started to use Clozemaster and I like it a bit more than Duolingo I think. It’s available both for Portuguese and Arabic, so maybe it could be useful for your new project. 🙂
    Your goal of showing people that what they can achieve even with little time and while working full time is really inspiring, I’m looking forward to following you during this challenge. Good luck with your studies in November!

  • I am glad you are feeling better and wish you luck with Portuguese and Arabic. I can’t wait to see how you get on!

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