How to Improve Your English Writing Skills? Tips for Non-Native Speakers.

Writing in English can be a difficult task, even if you are at an advanced level. I’ve experienced the same when I started this blog because English isn’t my native language.

Fortunately, some useful web sites and tips helped me improve. You can find them in this post because I want to help you learn how to improve your English writing skills and make as few mistakes as possible.

1. Read more often about your topic

If you want to improve your English writing skills, you should read more often about your topic. About what topic do you want to write?

For example, if you want to write about languages, you can subscribe yourself to other blogs about this topic.

2. Make a list of citations and phrases

When you read other blogs and books about your topics, you will come across phrases and words you can use in your text.

Cite them and add them to a list or document you can use when you are writing.

3. Take a look at the most common mistakes

You can improve your English writing skills by avoiding the mistakes that others make! Take a look at the 14 common grammatical mistakes before you start to writing.

4. Focus on English

If you are someone who writes his text first in his native language and then, translates it into English, this tip is for you.

Start writing in English at once. Otherwise, it will take you longer to finish your text, and you can get confused.

5. Know the linking words

As a non-native speaker, you may use simple words like ‘and,’ ‘but,’ and ‘then’ too often in your text. Try to mix them up with other linking words in English. They give the reader a better impression of your writing skills and create structure in your text.

6. Check the definition of words

If you have read a word somewhere, but you have never used it before, it’s good to look up the definition. You have to make sure that you use it in the right context.

For example, if you want to use the word salient for the first time in your text, use an online dictionary like and Wiktionary and check the definitions.

How to improve your English writing skills? Tip 4. use a dictionary. More tips on Polyglot's Diary.

7. Use Google to improve your English writing skills

Do I have to use in, on, at or to in this sentence?

‘Social media is (…)’ or ‘social media are (…)’?

‘Everybody is using their own technique’ or ‘everybody is using his own technique’?

You may ask yourself these questions when you are writing in English. Type them in Google, and you’ll find the answers in forums and blogs.

how to improve your English writing skills - tip 6. use google. More tips on Polyglot's Diary.

You can also use Google to check if your sentence is correct. The searching results will show you the correct sentence.

For example, once, I didn’t know how I could say, “A letter to my 20-year old self”. I Googled “A note to myself but then 20-years old” and found out the correct way to say it.

How to improve your English writing skills? Tip 6 use Google. More tips on Polyglot's Diary

8. Add language forums to your favorites

If Google can’t provide you the answers to your questions, you can ask your questions on language forums, such as:

Add them to your favorites so that you won’t forget them! They can help you improve your English writing skills.

How to improve your English Writing Skills? Tip 7. Take a look at forums. More Tips on Polyglot's Diary.

9. Leave your text for at least one day.

After finishing your text, go for a walk, watch a movie, or do something else you like to do. Leave it for at least one day.

When you read your text again, after your break, you will see your mistakes faster.

10. Read your text out loud

Another way to see your mistakes faster is by reading your text out loud. Because sometimes, reading it, again and again, will make you blind for your mistakes.

11. Use grammar software to improve your English writing skills

Writing a text without any mistakes in spelling and use of punctuation is hard. After being finished, you can use websites like GrammarCheck and Ginger to check your text.

But you can also download grammar software that shows your mistakes instantly without having to open up another screen. That’s why I’m using grammar software called Grammarly when I’m writing in English.

Grammarly doesn’t only check your grammar, spelling, use of punctuation. It also checks your text on little mistakes non-native speakers frequently make with words like on, at, with, and in. It’s available for Microsoft Office, but you can also use it in your browser when you are writing an email, a post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even on your blog.

How to improve your English writing skills? Use Grammarly! Read more tips on Polyglot's Diary.

You can download Grammarly for free and get help with 150 critical grammar and spelling checks by using the banner below. For advanced grammar and spelling checks, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, and the plagiarism detector function, you can upgrade your account.

Correct all grammar errors with Grammarly!

12. Ask a native speaker to read your text

If you know a native speaker who is willing to help you, you are lucky! Even when you are using Grammarly, it’s always good to ask native speakers to read your text. They can help you use expressions that fit your text. They can also tell you whether they understand your text or not.

For example, if you’re writing about a topic that has a different view in other countries like the healthcare sector, some words can be translated literally but may not make sense. That’s because the healthcare sector is different in some other countries.

How about you?

Which of these tips on how to improve your English writing skills are you going to use? Do you know any other tips?

Let me know in the comments!

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Kamila is a polyglot who taught herself over 5 languages using social media and apps. She created Polyglot’s Diary where she enjoys sharing her tips and experiences. Head over to her Instagram profile and YouTube Channel to follow her progress.

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