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Do you want to practice languages but does it feel boring to only study textbook grammar?

Do you want to improve your speaking and pronunciation but don’t you know where to start?

In April, we’re going to start for the first time with the LanguageFunChallenge on Instagram. With we, I’m referring to Patricia from Espaker, Ana from Reunion de Lenguas, and Lidia from Better in Spanish, and me.

Why should you participate in a language challenge on Instagram?

Everybody is busy but we always have time to look at our phones and scroll through Facebook or Instagram. That’s why using Instagram for language learning is a good idea.

There are some language challenges on Instagram like #IGLC where you have a daily prompt you can make a post about or #languagediarychallenge where you write or record yourself in a language that you’re learning every day or as many days as you want.

When you think of these challenges, the idea of filming yourself and putting your recording online may seem scary but it’s fun.

When you show others that you’re actively practicing your target language, you’ll attract native speakers, connect with other language learners, and boost your self-confidence in speaking.

Sometimes it’s awesome to watch your older videos back and see how you spoke the language you’re currently almost fluent in.

What is the LanguageFunChallenge?

The LanguageFunChallenge combines all aspects of language learning and focuses mainly on having fun and practicing your pronunciation in a structured way.

It’s also about leaving your comfort zone.

Speaking and having a good pronunciation is a crucial aspect of language learning. Most people struggle with this and feel insecure when they are amongst native speakers. I know that because I’ve been through the same situation when I was learning English. I tried several techniques and activities to deal with my fears and I wanted to make progress. Now, I combine everything I know in this challenge.

Also, there are several small things you can do to improve your vocabulary. Those things include giving your opinion on a topic in less than a minute, translating your favorite quote into your favorite language, or just writing your caption in your target language. If you keep doing those things every day, you’ll see a huge difference in the way you speak after 3 months from now.

What makes The LanguageFunChallenge different is that there is one certain activity for each day of the week. It’s all up to you what you want to do as long as it fits the activity of the day.

Mimicking Monday

Mimicking is when you repeat sentences in the exact same rhythm and speed as you hear and make the same movements with your mouth. Even if you can’t see the person speaking because you’re using audio, imitating the sound is a very good way to improve your pronunciation.

On Mimicking Mondays, you’ll have to imitate/mimic sentences you hear in a video on YouTube or on Duolingo and film yourself while doing that!

TongueTwister Tuesday

TongueTwisters are fun to practice. They will be really helpful to improve your speaking. On every Tuesday, you have to record yourself saying a tongue-twister in your target language.

Wisdom Wednesday

Small things like translating your favorite quote into your target language can help you pick up new words. That’s why we have wisdom Wednesdays. Take a picture of the translation of your quote or put the quote in the caption of your picture.

Thoughts Thursday

Thoughts Thursdays will help you think in a foreign language. Each Thoughts Thursday has a unique topic you can give your opinion on. You can decide whether you want to write or record your thoughts. The topics will be announced in our stories.

Video Friday

There are also unique topics for video Fridays, you’ll be given a topic/exercise and you’ll have to prepare vocabulary and record a video.

Reading Saturday

Weekends are amazing for reading. On reading Saturdays, you’ll have to read at least one page of a book and summarize what you’ve read in your target language.

Lazy Sunday

Sometimes it’s okay to be lazy. On Lazy Sundays, you don’t necessarily have to post something. Interact with other participants and leave each other a nice comment.

Bonus: Spanish teachers

Especially if you’re learning Spanish, this challenge will be very helpful to you. There are several teachers who are hosting this to help you improve.

Frequently asked questions

Is it free?

Yes, it is!

Do I have to join every day?

If you want! It’s up to you. You can for example only join the Thoughts Thursdays and Tongue Twister Tuesdays but the more you join, the more you’ll improve.

I already participate in other language challenges. Should I give up on them?

NOOO! Please don’t. You can combine the challenges and also use #languagediarychallenge, for example.

I want to join but I feel ashamed for my friends and family members. What should I do?

We understand that you may not want your friends and family members to see you. You can create a new Instagram profile dedicated to your language learning journey and easily switch between the two accounts.


What exactly should I imitate on Mimicking Mondays or record on Video Fridays?

It totally depends on you. Get creative and do something that lies out of your comfort zone!

For example, you can sing a refrain of a song on a mimicking Monday or record yourself imitating a native speaker. As long as you work on your pronunciation and repeat what someone says, it’s good! Only for Thoughts Thursdays and Video Fridays, we’ll announce the topics you can talk about in our stories to give you some inspiration.

But… I have a topic recommendation…

That’s awesome. Just send a DM to @kamilatekin and I’ll take your suggestion into consideration.

Can I win something?

Currently, there is no price for the participants. The main focus of this challenge is bringing language learners together and encouraging them to get out of their comfort zone. It’s about improving your speaking by giving you topics and activities for every day.

However, the most active and creative participant will get a shout-out in our stories! In the future, I may look for collaborations with partners.

Are you ready to leave your comfort zone and make some progress?

With all of these activities, you won’t only improve yourself and step out of your comfort zone, you’ll also have the chance to bring a variety to your language learning activities and learn new vocabulary from each other.

It’s easy and free to join us.

  1. Follow us on Instagram @kamilatekin, @reuniondelenguas_learnspanish, @betterinspanish, and @pattyborrego
  2. Share the image below in your feed and tag the hosts (see above)
    Join the #LanguageFunChallenge
  3. Follow our stories for the topics
  4. Every day you join, use the hashtag #LanguageFunChallenge so that we can find you!

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