New Year’s Resolutions/Goals for 2018 + How It All Started

It’s already December so it’s time to write a post on my new year’s resolutions/goals for 2018!

I know that some people don’t believe in making resolutions the new year but I do. I’ve always been setting yearly goals and defining milestones that help me reach them. I believe that I’ve improved a lot by doing so.

In this post, I want to share how I thought my plans would be for the future, how I changed my mind, and what my language learning and personal goals will be for 2018.

This post will be a little personal because I spent a lot of time thinking about what I want to do with my career. I’m sure that everybody has thought about this. Therefore, I want to share my story and hope to inspire someone.

Tldr; I think 2017 was an experiment for me. I discovered what I’d like to do in life and learned how it’s possible to realize your dreams. 2018 will be the year where I can finally execute on my ideas.

New year's resolutions and language learning goals for 2018

How I thought my plans would be for the future

In September 2016, I graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Technology. I wanted to study a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering. The requirements were money, level B2 in English, and a certain level in maths, which I can’t explain in English but I had to take an exam.

I was good at maths so it was not hard to pass the exam. However, I couldn’t find a job immediately and my English wasn’t so good. I learned English in high school and you probably know how effectively schools teach a language *sarcasm on*. When a foreigner asked me something, I often couldn’t reply or didn’t understand what he said exactly.

In order to improve my English, I decided to write frequently in English about a topic that interests me: languages. That’s how I started with this blog. The first time I wrote a blog post, it took me almost 4 hours to write a short post of 350 words. Now, I improved and write faster and make fewer mistakes.

To earn money, I was looking for a job in my field and expected to find something within the first two months…

However, something happened that changed my mind

I kept sending out application letters but I didn’t receive any invitations for a job interview. I wrote good resumes and application letters because my teachers from the university helped me so that was not the problem.

After five months of trying, I was sick of receiving denials or no response and thought, “Why do I have to suffer? Maybe it’s better to invest my time into educating myself so that I can start my own business. Then, I will save up enough money and study.”

That was what I did. I started following some well-known entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferris, and James Altucher and read lots of books. Every day, I tried to do something exciting to get out of my comfort zone. There were lots of things I was afraid of and I wanted to become fearless.

I had many ideas but still couldn’t

I had many ideas and interests but still couldn’t make a start. I knew that there were possibilities to earn money by teaching languages but there were some skills I had to teach myself.

Sometimes I felt confused because I didn’t want to put too much time into building my own language business if I know that I’ll study Biomedical Engineering. I mean, if it would take 3 years to finally earn something, I can better borrow some money and study.

Oops, I found a job

In July 2017, I finally found a (full-time) job in a software company and within a few weeks, I discovered that working in a company is not something for me. I need to do something exciting and uncertain and I want to inspire people. And that’s not possible with a regular office job.

We all live once. If I waste my life now, I won’t have the chance to start over again. I want people to remember me when I’m dead. If I don’t take my chances now, I will never be able to travel back in time to undo my steps.

When I imagine that I’m going to die without having done anything good for this world, I feel depressed, useless, and sad.

I’ve been thinking about it and realized that if I’m going to study a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, I will end up working in either a company or a laboratory and I won’t feel happy. Even if I would start my own business in the medical field.

I changed my mind again…

I decided to quit my job and I won’t study a master’s degree anymore. In 2018, I want to earn money with my language projects and hope that I can earn enough to make a living.

Summary of my language goals and progress in 2017

That was a short summary of how I thought my future would be and how I changed my mind to start doing something serious with languages.

Now, I want to summarize my language goals of 2017.

This year, I mainly focused on English, Spanish, and French. And I did a challenge of learning Portuguese and Arabic in two weeks.


I needed to reach at least level B2. I took the IELTS exam in February and it showed that my level was C1. I’m finally fluent but I want to reduce my foreign accent.


I’m finally fluent in Spanish but I can finally speak it a little faster than before. But I still want to reduce my accent.


I refreshed my French and I’m conversational fluent!


I can understand the context when I listen to Brazilians and I say some simple things.


I can pronounce words and phrases and write them!

So what are my new year’s resolutions for 2018?

In 2018, I’ll gather everything I learned in 2017 from the people I read about, the people I followed, the people I admired, and the plans I had with my language learning projects. I’ll work on the best version of me.

1. I want to keep sharing my progress

The coming year I want to share my progress in a more interesting and structured way. I’ll try to be consistent and avoid repetition.

I’ll use my blog posts for summarizing my progress and sharing detailed information on learning languages. In my videos, I’ll try to visualize my progress and how I’m practicing in an attractive and interesting way.

2. I want to speak at least 10 languages

Here is my list of languages I want to learn the coming year and the goal I want to achieve divided into MUST-achieve, SHOULD-achieve, and COULD-achieve goals.

My MUST-achieve goals (I really need to achieve these, it’s like a promise to myself):

  • English: I want to reduce my foreign accent and sound more American. I’ll focus on the New York accent or the Texan accent, depending on who’s going to help me.
  • Japanese: I want to learn the alphabet and reach the conversational level
  • Swedish: I want to reach the conversational level
  • Portuguese: I also want to reach the conversational level in this.

My SHOULD-achieve goals (I should achieve these to feel happy, but it isn’t a big deal if I can’t):

  • Learning at least one language from the language family of the languages I know

My COULD-achieve goals (those are optional, but I still find them important):

  • Spanish: Improving my vocabulary and reducing my accent.
  • German: Refreshing my vocabulary and reaching the conversational fluency again.
  • French: Learning more vocabulary
  • Arabic: Learning the Egyptian dialect and reaching the conversational level
  • Greek: Refreshing my vocabulary

3. I want to start a language course

I don’t want to become a teacher or a tutor. But I want to help language learners get the most out of themselves when they are learning on their own. I still have to think of a good way to explain my idea. It is coming soon!

4. I want to teach myself a non-language related skill

As I’m someone with multiple interests, I want to focus on things that I’ve always wanted to learn. One of these things is hand-lettering and calligraphy.

I find it amazing to inspire and motivate people by sharing my progress in videos so I definitely want to try this with hand-lettering as well!

New year's resolutions and language learning goals for 2018

5. I want to improve myself every day on personal aspects

This is something I’ve been doing for a long time but I want to keep doing it.

In 2018, I want to show my personal side by sharing how I try to improve myself in my vlogs.

6. I want more followers and subscribers

This year, I haven’t focused a lot on gaining followers and subscribers because I found it important to improve myself first and to find friends who have the same interests. I also haven’t uploaded so many videos to my channel.

However, now I feel ready to gain more followers and to share more content. Here are my goals for 2018:

  • At least 1000 subscribers on my YouTube Channel
  • At least 1000 followers on Twitter and Instagram
  • At least 300 people following me on my Facebook page

Thus, these are my new year’s resolutions.

Have you ever thought about what you wanted to do with your career?

Are you thinking of quitting your job to start something on your own or have you already done that do you want to share your story? Leave me a comment and tell me about you!

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