10 websites to learn and improve your Spanish

Learning a language isn’t only about continuously repeating words and sentences. It’s also about improving you reading and listening comprehension. In addition, the more you learn about the grammar and culture, the more you will sound like a native speaker.

I’m going to describe 10 websites where you can find the explanation of grammar, articles, podcasts, videos, and information about the Spanish culture for free.

You should try these 10 websites to learn Spanish… and to give your lingual skills a boost.

1. Veintemundos

Learn new words by reading and listening to Spanish articles on Veintemundos. This website is like a magazine for Spanish learners and also a great source to find information about the 20 Spanish-speaking countries.

Websites to learn Spanish - Veintemundos - Polyglot's diary

2. News in slow Spanish

Spanish learners from all levels can listen to news articles with News in slow Spanish.

The content on the website is free accessible. A paid subscription includes grammar, transcripts of podcasts and bonus lessons in Spanish.

Websites to learn Spanish - Improve your lingual skills - News in slow Spanish - Polyglot's diary

3. Coffeebreak Spanish

Learn Spanish words and sentences you can use in an everyday conversation with Coffeebreak Spanish. This website includes podcasts about different topics for Spanish learners from all levels.

Websites to learn Spanish - Coffee Break Spanish - Polyglot's diary

 4. Easy Spanish (YouTube Channel)

Is Spanish hard to understand? Improve your listening comprehension by watching Easy Spanish!

Easy Spanish makes part of the Youtube Channel Easy Languages. It includes in both English and Spanish subtitled videos about everyday topics.

Boost your lingual skills - Websites to learn Spanish -Easy Languages - Polyglot's diary

5. Study Spanish

When I was learning Spanish, I found it hard to understand the Spanish grammar… until I discovered Study Spanish.

Study Spanish is a website that includes clear explanations of Spanish grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and exercises.

Websites to learn Spanish - StudySpanish - Polyglot's diary

6. SpanishDict

You may have experienced that translators aren’t always accurate and sometimes even suggest incorrect words and conjugations in Spanish. So… stop using the translator. Use SpanishDict instead!

SpanishDict is a free dictionary for Spanish learners, which includes conjugations of verbs, and translations, pronunciation, and examples of words. 

Websites to learn Spanish - SpanishDict - Polyglot's diary

7. SpanishChecker

Another alternative you can use instead of the translator… SpanishChecker!

SpanishChecker checks your sentences and shows you how you can correct them. A useful website every Spanish learner should use!

Websites to learn Spanish - SpanishChecker - Polyglot's diary

8. FluentU

Don’t be dependent of the ‘standard’ basic Spanish vocabulary you’ve learned from language learning applications or your language course.

Take a look at the blog of FluentU and enrich your vocabulary by learning expressions and slang in SpanishFluentU is actually an online language platform. Its website includes a blog about lingual facts in different languages.

Websites to learn Spanish - FluentU - Polyglot's diary

9. Spanish.about.com

Do you want to know more about the Spanish grammar, most confused words, tips, the Spanish culture and how you can write an application form or a formal letter in Spanish? Spanish.about.com is a helpful website you can use!


10. ProfeDeELE

Do you already know a bit Spanish and try to improve it? Then you should visit ProfeDeELE.

This website includes a blog about the Spanish language, words, culture and the Spanish speaking countries. A great source to learn new Spanish words, improve your reading skill, and build some knowledge!

Websites to learn Spanish - ProfeDeELE.es - Polyglot's diary


These are the 10 websites I’ve used to learn Spanish. I still use some of them. One of my favorites I use daily is SpanishDict.

Do you use another useful website to learn Spanish that you want to recommend me and the other Spanish learners?  Let us know in the comments!

Kamila is a polyglot who taught herself over 5 languages using social media and apps. She created Polyglot’s Diary where she enjoys sharing her tips and experiences. Head over to her Instagram profile and YouTube Channel to follow her progress.

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